GPS project: caught up?

The last post brings us up to speed on this project. I have quite a bit more work to do over the next few weeks to get it finished up:

  • I need to finish up the hardware side of the project: This will happen over the next few days, as I have a large order of small parts coming from Sparkfun today!
  • I have to get the rest of the menu options worked out, and functioning.
  • I have to extend some of the functions from the underlying SD card library out to the sketch, so that I can delete files from the Arduino, open and read files, etc.
  • I want to write a helper app for the PC side. It will need to be able to send a few commands via serial, and then stream the file data back to the PC side, parsing the NMEA sentences, and splitting out the way points that I have added via the button menu. Writing the app will simple, but I would like to get it working on mono, so that it is usable on multiple platforms.
  • I would like to make the way points based on some standard system so that they can be easily imported into Google Earth, or other geo aware apps.
  • I want an enclosure! This has been a particularly frustrating part of this project, and one that I’m quite positive I’ll have some lengthy posts on in the near future.